Janette Patterson



Couples Therapy

One important aspect of creating a successful relationship involves crafting collaborative responses to the the many challenges which all couples inevitably face. Each individual brings his or her own personality, likes and dislikes, past experiences and memories into the relationship. These may mesh or they may not.

Even in the best of circumstances, there is a learning curve that a couple has to master. Initial questions such as, "Who are you?" and "What are your preferences?" or " How do you like to spend your time?" seem easy to answer and are instrumental in building a strong relational foundation. But often we don’t really grasp the deeper ramifications of the differences we might experience as individuals in the couple. Good communication and interaction skills are vital for a viable, loving partnership.

This checking-in process is difficult to do even in the best of time, but external stressors can strain any couple to the breaking point. Some such stressors might be: complications with parenting a child, of a child with special needs/special education requirements, adoption concerns, financial strains, work-related stress, sexual issues, addictions of one or both partners, infidelity, the death or serious illness of a loved one, elder care complications, problems in blending families, and many more such situational challenges.

When these kinds of stressors bear down on the already complex mechanisms of a relationship, the couple may find themselves asking if there is a better way to work things out, or even if they still want to stay together.

I love working with really difficult situations. If you have been in therapy before and you did not feel you could resolve your struggles, we can have a look at what is keeping you stuck. What is it that is so elusive that you are unable to shift onto a more positive path? Having couples sessions can help tremendously in the process of exploring how to progress beyond a stuck and painful relationship. •